Environmental Science(M.Sc.)

Environmental Science(M.Sc.)


  • 1. Qualified and hardworking team of teachers.
  • 2. Well equipped and moderned laboratories.
  • 3. Visiting faculty from eminent education institutes as well as industries.
  • 4. Focus on personality development and communication skill.
  • 5. Campus interviews for placement.
  • 6. Visit to industries and study tour.

The M.Sc. passed student can join to the following departments

  • Research leading the the Ph.D. /Teaching profession.
  • NEERI ( National Environmental Engineering Research Institute) Nagpur
  • Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)
  • Central Pollution control Board (CPCB)
  • Meterology Department
  • Irrigations Department.
  • Can start own consultance.
  • Industries (R & D Division, ETP Management)
  • Public Health Laboratories
  • Forest Department
  • In various projects of Government of India like Ganga Actions plan, Non-conventional Energy utilization etc.
  • Pollution Officer in each Industry.

A prestigeous project of MPCB entitled ‘National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring of Aurangabad City’ has been completed successfully. After completion of this project, for last three years MPCB extended the tenure of this project again for nexr 3 years.

The department also gives solutionsto industries regarding their ETP management and also regularly carries out analysis (water, soil, and waste water/ industrial effuluenrs) for some of the domestic and industrial units at Aurangabad.

A candidate who passed B.Sc. with having any one of the optional subject from the following subject is eligible for admission i.e. Environmental Science/Botany/Zoology/Chemistry/ Agricultural Science/Physics.

Preference will be given to the student having Environmental Science subject as one of the optional subject at B.Sc. level and additional weightage of 1% will be given.

The minimum required percentage of marks B.Sc. degree is 45% for open categories and 40% marks for reserved categories.

All the admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit.

The quota for the reservation shall be as per university norms.

Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees
1 Tution fees 10000.00
2 Laboratory fees 4000.00
4 I-card fees 50.00
5 Other fees 510.00
A Admission fees 25.00
B Registration fees 25.00
C Social gathering 50.00
D Magazine fees 50.00
E Games & sports fees 50.00
F College test fees 75.00
G Medical fees 15.00
H Lib. & RR fees 50.00
I Development fees 100.00
J Vidyarthee Vyaspeeth 10.00
K student Aid fund 10.00
L S.B. Sports Festival Fees 50.00
Other Total Fees 510.00
5 University fees
A Ashwamedh fees 4.00
B Student welfare fees 20.00
C Disaster management 20.00
D E-Suvidha fees 50.00
E Avishkar fees 4.00
F NSS fees 10.00
G Indradhanusha fees 4.00
H Avhaan fees 4.00
I Abhiyaan fees 4.00
J University/college fees 10.00
K Earn & learn fees 10.00
L Youth festival fees 50.00
University fees total 190.00
Total A 14750.00
6 Deposits (For First year only)
Library deposits 50.00
Laboratory deposits 50.00
General deposit 100.00
Total B 200.00
Total C First year (a+b) 14950.00