Mission And Goals


  • “Imparting holistic education For professional competence and civic sense leading to integrated individuals.”


  • An Integrated development of student personality.
  • Excellence in Science education with Social relevance, dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge keeping.
  • Propagating and including values enshrined in the constitution of India.


  • To introduce job-oriented/career- oriented/applied subjects from time to time. To plan and evaluate Teaching- Learning process at micro level.
  • To supplement the teaching process using different teaching technologies.
  • To organize and conduct seminars/ workshops/projects on educational and regional need- based issues
  • To establish and run various forums oriented towards socially oriented issues.
  • To provide efficient mechanism for Self appraisal and Performance appraisal of teachers.
  • To adopt the new managerial concepts in Administration and to equip the office with modern techniques.
  • To organize Science Exhibitions and Science Festivals/Fairs.
  • To organize lectures of eminent scientists/technologists/ environmentalists.
  • To arrange visits to advanced centers of Science and Technology.
  • To encourage students to participate in science quiz, debates and other competitions.
  • To organize various extension activities in addition to N.S.S. and N.C.C. to strengthen the values like National Integration, patriotism, equality, humanism, secularism, scientific temper, democracy, socialism and peace.

Motto of the Year 2017-2018

" To Pattern Patriotism in the Students "