Computer Science

M.Sc. in Computer Science


    M.Sc. Computer Science graduates interested in pursuing a job, can apply for various job profiles such as Research Associate, Project Assistant, Scientific Offericer, Software Engineer, Computer Assistant and System Analyst. National Centre for Integrated Pest Management, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Visva Bharati Santiniketan, they can go in private sector as a system administrator, programmer, database manager. Further, the candidate can also go for hardware and networking profiles. Apart from this, those interested in higher education courses such M.E. in Advanced Computing, M.Tech. in Computer and Information Science, M.Tech. in Computer Vision and Image Processing and Ph.D. in Computer Science. Teaching is also a good profession that on e may take up after M.Sc. program.

A candidate shall be admitted to the First year for the Master of Science (Computer Science) in the faculty of science, provided that he/she passes Computer Science as one of the optional subjects at B.Sc. level B.E./Anaylitical other bachelor’s degree in Computer Science of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University or any other university recognized as equivalent thereto with minimum of 50% of marks (45% marks for reserved category). In case of vacancies not filled due to non-ava9lability of students with above mentioned criteria, the students with B.Sc. Physics/Electronics/Mathematics as one of the optional subjects may also be considered for the admission.

Course code Subject
CSC401 Advanced Java
CSC402 Neural Network
CSC403 Digital Signal Processing
CSC404 Advanced Operating system
CSC451 Practical base on CSC401
CSC452 Practical base on CSC402
CSC453 Practical base on CSC403
CSC454 Practical base on CSC404
Course code Subject
CSC405 Data structure & Analysis of algorithm
CSC406Advance Neural network & Fuzzy System
CSC407Image Processing
CSC408Parallel Computing
CSC455Practicel base on CSC405
CSC456Practicel base on CSC406
CSC457Practicel base on CSC407
CSC458Practicel base on CSC408
Course code Subject
CSC501 Java Network Programming
CSC502Advanced software engineering and Technology
CSC503 Computer vision
CSI504 Electice-I (Select Anaylitical one from list of Elective-I)
CSC551 Practical based on CSC501
CSC552 Practical based on CSC502
CSC553 Practical based on CSC503
CSC554 Practical based on CSC504
Course code Subject
CSC505 Pattern Recognition
CSC506 Electice-II (Select Anaylitical one from list of Elective-II)
CSC555 Practical based on CSC505
CSC556 Practical based on CSC506
CSC557 Major Project
CSC558 Seminar
Service Course - Select any one from Service course List
Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees
1 Tution fees 20000.00
2 Laboratory fees 12000.00
3 Other fees
a Entrance fee/ Entry fee 50.00
b Library fee 50.00
c Gymkhana fee 50.00
d Extra curriculum / Activity fee 56.00
e College Magazine fee 50.00
f Computer Training fee 50.00
g Registration Charges 25.00
h University Development Fund 110.00
i University Sports fee 10.00
j University Ashwamedh fee 4.00
k University Medical fee 15.00
l University assistance / Welfare Fund 20.00
m University Student Insurance Fund 10.00
n Youth Festival Charges 100.00
o Student ID Charges 10.00
p Smester fee 75.00
q Session fee 100.00
r Study Tour 100.00
s Avishkar fee 4.00
Total Other Fees 885.00
Total A (1+2+3) 32885.00
4 Deposits (for First Year only)
Library Deposit 50.00
Liboratory Deposit 50.00
General Deposit 100.00
Total B - First Year Fees (A+4) 33085.00

* Where ever applicable (as per UGC Rule)
Note : In addition, eligibility fees as per university rules has to be paid by the students from other university.