M.Sc. in Mathematics


    M.Sc. Mathematics post graduates career will be more stable and successful. Students can apply for various job profiles such as Research Associate, Lecturer in Mathematics, Scientific Officer, Computer and IT, General Management, Manual Testing, Data Science Modelers, Banking etc.

      Students can apply the knowledge of mathematical concepts in interdisciplinary fields. Students will be able to model the real world problems into Mathematical Equations and draw the inferences by finding appropriate solutions.

A candidate shall be admitted to the first year for the Master of Science (Mathematical Science) in the faculty of science, provided that he/she passes mathematical science as one of the optional subjects at B.Sc. or equivalent level from any recognized university.

Course code Subject
MAT401 Abstract Algebra
MAT402 Real Analysis-I
MAT403 Topology-I
MAT404 Complex Analysis-I
MAT422 Advanced Discrete Mathematics-I
Course code Subject
MAT411Linear Algebra
MAT412Real Analysis-II
MAT414Complex Analysis-II
MAT432Advanced Discrete Mathematics-II
Course code Subject
MAT501Functional Analysis
MAT502Partial Differential Equations
MAT524Numerical Analysis
MAT525Lattice Theory
MAT526Operations Research-I
Course code Subject
CSC505Pattern Recognition
MAT511Linear Integral Equations
MAT534Fuzzy Mathematics
MAT535Linear Algebra
MAT536Operation Research-II
Service Course-SC 01 Communication Skills in English
Sr. No. Structure Name Amount
1M.Sc. Maths IInd Year EBC1035.00
2M.Sc. Maths IInd Year Full Fees6035.00
3M.Sc. Maths IInd Year GOI Fees50.00
4M.Sc. Maths IInd Year GOI Sch Fees50.00
5M.Sc. Maths Ist Year EBC1135.00
6M.Sc. Maths Ist Year Full Fees6135.00
7M.Sc. Maths Ist Year GOI Fees200.00
8M.Sc. Maths Ist Year GOI Sch Fees200.00

* Where ever applicable (as per UGC Rule)
Note : In addition, eligibility fees as per university rules has to be paid by the students from other university.