HSC Vocational (MCVC)

HSC Vocational (MCVC)


1. Construction Technology - (30 Seats)

2. Electronics Technology - (30 Seats)

3. Electrical Technology - (30 Seats)

On job training is given to HSC Vocational students during summer and Diwali vacations.

Students prepare projects under the guidance of teacher, based on the acquired skills.

The registration form will be available in the college from the date of declaration of S.S.C. Board results.

The form is to be filled and submitted within a period of three days from the declaration of S.S.C. Board results.

It should be noted that student once admitted in the college for XI class shall not be allowed to change college for XII, as per Govt. rules.

Documents to be attached:

  • Original T.C. + 2 xerox copies
  • Original marks memo + 2 xerox copies
  • Freeship forms – GFS/EBC/GOI/PSTF.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Income certificate (Tahsildar)
  • Photographs (Passport) – 2 nos.

50% seats of the total capacity shall be for reservation categories. The categorywise quota for reservation seats are as follows:

  • SC = 13%
  • ST = 7%
  • VJ = 3%
  • NT-1 = 3.5%
  • NT-2 = 2.5%
  • NT-3 = 2.0%
  • OBC = 19%
  • SBC = 2%

10% seats are reserved for the students of S.B. High School and Sharda Mandir High School, which are situated in the same campus of S.B.E.S. College of Science, Aurangabad.

Students willing to seek admissions under this category should apply within 3 days after declaration of S.S.C. Board results. The admission will be on strictly merit basis.

Admission to XI Class

  • Admission to XI class shall be given to such students passed S.S.C. Examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, with minimum 35% marks in the science subjects.
  • Students from states other than Maharashtra seeking admission to XI Class should apply for the eligibility certificate to the H.S.C. Board, Aurangabad. Their admission shall be finalized only after the grant of eligibility by the board.
  • Only 720 students shall be admitted to XI class for granted divisions. All the admissions will be made strictly on the basis of merit, and as per the Govt. rules.
  • Students passed from Central Board, are eligible to seek admission to XI class. Their admission shall be finalised only after the grant of eligibility by the Board.
  • Fees should be paid in one installment for both the years for admission to the Non-Grant division.
  • The fees once paid will not be refundable.

Admission to XII Class

  • Admission to XII class shall be given to students who have passed XI science examination from this college.
  • Admission to XII class shall be made in 3rd week of April. Students of this college shall be admitted first. Any seats left vacant, shall be filled on merit basis from amongst the outside applicants.
  • Repeaters shall not be held eligible to seek admission to the XII class.
  • The students seeking admission to XII class shall not be allowed to change any of the subject from the one offered by them at the XI class.
  • Students with very poor record in studies, examinarion, discipline or poor attendance will not be admitted to the XII class.

The prospectus, alongwith the prescibed form of application will be available in the college office in the 1st week of June.

Registration for admission to XI class will be completed within three days after declaration of S.S.C. results for granted divisions.

The last date of admission for XII class shall be 20th June.

The prescribed fees and other charges must be paid at the time of admission only. In the event of voluntary cancellation of admission by the student, the fees paid by him/her shall not be refunded.

The students must retain all the receipts of fees. The receipt must be produced for refund of deposits.

In the event of the loss of receipts by the students a search fees shall be charged by the college office to verify the fees record.

The library and laboratory deposits shall only be refunded when the students leave the college permanently.

An initative is taken by SBES College of Science for special batch in which Economically Background /Needy Students will be admitted.

Experienced and reputed teachers will teach in the special batch.

1. Compulsary subjects - English

2. Second language - Hindi/Marathi/Sanskrit

3. Optional subjects - General Foundation Course.

Environmental studies and Health Education are compulsary subjects.


Building Material

Construction Technology-1

Building Yard Practice


Engineering & Building Drawing

Construction Technology –II

Building estimates and Contracts

  • Study of Engineering Drawin, Planning and drafting of building drawing.
  • Study and uses of technical specification.
  • Prepatration of building estimates, tenders and construction management.
  • Study of differejnt techniques used in building construction.
  • Preparation of building models and knowledge of computer aided drawings.
  • Workshop practicals for knowledgeof carpentry, fitting, plumbing etc.
  • On completion of B.M. the student can become Civil Contractor medellor, estimator, civil draftsman, plumber, painting contractor, petty contractor, interior decorator, building material supplier, architectural assistant.
  • The Apprenticeship act is applicable.
  • After successful completion of the course the student is eligible to obtain the licence from (PWD) Govt. of Maharashtra for Civil Engineering Contractor.


Basic Electricity and material

Basic Electronics

Electronics Instrumentation


Digital and Linear Electronics

Modern Communication System

Applied Electronics

On successful completion of course in Electronics Technology, a student can-

  • Establish his own electronic shop obtaining dealership, agency of various firms, companies.
  • Run sales and service centre for electronics equipments.
  • Repair and rectify complicated faults of electronics related equipments.
  • Have annual maintenance contracts for EPABX,Computer systems, (AMC) Fax Machine, Xerox machine, Phone
  • instruments, ECG, EMG, X-ray machine, CNC machine, PA system, Electronics laboratory etc. in industry, office.
  • Install operateand maintain audio and video equipments in airport, conference halls, hotels, railways, hospitals, educational institutions, etc.
  • Run mobile service centre for sales and maintenance in rural areas.
  • Design PCB, electronics eircuits using ORCAD etc.
  • Assemble TV, Tape, Deck, Laboratory kits, etc.
  • Obtain trade apprenticeship in any electronic industry can design simulation of various circuits.


Material & Workshop Practice

Domestic appliances

Elements of Electrical Technology


Material & Workshop Practice

Domestic appliances

Elements of Electrical Technology

On completion of M.R.E.D.A.:

  • Acquire the detailed knowledge of Electrical, Mechanical, cutting and holding tools, various machines with their specific uses, handling and maintenance and precautions while handling.
  • Acquire the skill in sales and marketing of latest domestic appliances, spare parts and raw materials.
  • Acquire the knowledge of motor and transformer rewinding, repairing, servicing and overhauling.
  • Acquire the details of installation, repairing and maintenance of house wiring.
  • Acquire the details about seting up of assembly, widning, repairing, shop and testing laboratory.
  • Electrical domestic appliances installation and servicing.
  • As electrician inlocal Electricity board and factories.
  • Dealership and agency of Electrical Domestic Appliances.
  • Service center for electrical appliances and electric motors (installation).
  • Installlation and maintenance contractor of domestic, industrial, hotels, bank, hospital wiring.

On job training is given to HSC Vocational students during summer and Diwali vacations.

Students prepare projects under the guidance of teacher, based on the acquired skills.

Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees XI Fees in Rupees XII
1 Admission Fees 20 25
2 Tution Fees 240300
3Laboratory Fees 80100
4 Term Fees 40 50
5 Identity Card Fees 10 10
6 College Test Fees 75 75
7Annual Exam. Fees 10 10
8 Shishirotsav Fees 50 50
9 Development Fund 100 100
10 S.B. Sports Festival Fees 50 50
Total A 675770
13 Library Deposits 50
14 Laboratory Deposits 50
15 General Deposits 100
Total (B) 200
Total (A) + (B) 875 770