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S.B.E.S. College of Science Library

S.B.E.S. college of Science Library is repository of knowledge library provide information to the library users. Library resources reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedia are available in library.

The S.B.E.S. college of Science library has more than 37000 printed documents and it subscribes 42 journals and magazines and 10 News papers. The Library also enrich with 880 CD’s, floppy, video cassette, maps and other rare reference books are also available.

E-Database/ Online

E-Books : 1,49,839

E-Journals : 81509

Library has computerized database and make use of standard SOUL2.0 software. SOUL2.0 software introduced by INFLIBNET specially for University and college libraries

BARCODING facility is also available in the library.

Library Area : 65000 sq.ft.

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday- 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

During Examination Period - 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Aims of the Library

  • To promote individualized study and instruction.
  • To promote general education.
  • To encourage extracurricular use of the library material.
  • To teach student how to use books for pleasure.
  • To teach them to love and read books for pleasure.
  • To provide reference service to both student and assist them in their Study and research.
  • To encourage student to develop the habit of self-education in order that the Book and literature may contribute to their intellectual development in future Years.
  • To serve as latest and diversified information centre.
  • To contribute and to fulfillment the educational aim of our college.
  • To provide right information to the library user.
  • To motivate the student for competitive examination.


Highlight of the Library

  • Separate Building for library.
  • Separate Reading Room in the main building of the College.
  • Unique reference books are in the library.
  • Unique collection of flora.
  • Rich collection of books.
  • Computerization of books with barcode.
  • Night Reading Room.
  • The Library gives extra co-operation to Students doing P.G., Ph. D. and giving competition examinations.

Library Rules

  • Library is open from 9.00 am to 5.45 pm.
  • Book circulation service will be from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.
  • Every student should carrying his / her own Library card and I-card.
  • Every student will be issued one books on borrower’s card.
  • Book will not be issued without identity card and Library card
  • Student should return the Library books within in a week.
  • If books are not returned on due date Rs. 1/-will be recovered per day.
  • Reference books and journals will not be issued on library card.
  • Reference books will get only to refer in the main library.
  • If books are found torn, lost then the present price of the book will be recovered.
  • News paper and Journals should read in reading room only.
  • Mobile phones are Strictly Prohibited for students.
  • Staff members should keep their mobiles on silent mode in the library.

Name of the Library Staff with Designation

Sr. No. Name of the staff Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. Mrs Daya Patil(Dalve ) Librarian B. Sc/ M .Lib & I. Sc. SET /Ph.D. 23 years
2 Shri. Panchal P. M. Jr. Clerk M.A.(first year) M .Lib & I. Sc. 5 years
3 Shri. Kapse R. S. Library Attendant 7th. 35 years
4 Shri. Dandare S .A. Library Attendant B.A.II, L.T.C 28 years
5 Shri. Madhe S.R. Library Attendant B.A 10 years

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