Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)


Computer Science is one of the most profitable education option for student's seeking a challenging and rewarding career. This field has the potential to propel career. It is a consistently growing field with a large variety of job opportunities. B.Sc. in Computer Science (BCS) is a three year undergraduate programme spread over six semesters being conducted as prescribed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

Career in computer science is one of the most high-paying jobs. Besides the computer graduates and post graduates have plenty of optins to work in IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, government etc. Working as programmer, web developer and e-commercespecialist with telecommunications compaines, automotive companies, aerospace companies etc. can be a lucrative salary. Further higher education in research in India and abroad.

  • System Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computerized Games Developer
  • Information System Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Network Administrator

The college offers three years instructional program me at undergraduate level under the rules and regulations of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.

The medium of instructions for all the courses is English.

A candidate shall be admitted to I year of B.Sc. (Computer Science) degree course only if he/she satisfies the following condition:

He/She must have passed the higher secondary (multipurpose) examination conducted by H.S.C. board Government of Maharashtra with science/technical subjects or an Examination of any statutoey university and Board recognized as equivalent thereto.


He/She must have passed examination prescribed at the end of second year of the junior college conducted by H.S.C. board Government of Maharashtra with English, Second language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and or Biology or one of the technical subjects prescribed at the said examination as the optional or elective subjects or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto.


Candidate having offered prescribed vocational course (MCVC) with Computer techniques/I.T./Electronics.


Three years Diplima course in engineering conducted by Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra state.

He/She must have passed at qualifying examination.

A candidate who has passed the B.Sc. (Computer Science) examination of this university may be allowed to present himself subsquently at the degree examination in a subject or subjects other than those he has taken earlier provided that he puts in three years of attendance as a regular candidate for First, Second and Third year in the subject or subjects concerned excluding compulsary English, Second language, and remaining optional subject(s).

A candidate shall not be allowed to appear for such examination if he has passed the higher examination.

Course code Subject
CS101-T Computer Fundamentals
CS102-T Digital Electronics
CS103-T Microprocessor - I
CS104-T C Programming - I
CS105-T Communication Skill – I
CS106-T Mathematical Foundation
CS107-P Office Suite
C Programming - I
CS108-P Microprocessor - I
Digital Electronics
Course code Subject
CS201-T Data structure
CS202-T Operating system
CS203-T Microprocessor - II
CS204-T C Programming - II
CS205-T Communication Skill – II
CS206-T Nemerical Computation Methods
CS207-P Data structure
Microprocessor - II
CS208-P C Programming - II
Nemerical Computation Methods
Course code Subject
CS301-T Advance Data structure
CS302-T Unix Operating system
CS303-T PC Maintenance
CS304-T Programming in CPP
CS305-T Database Management System
CS306-T Stastical Method
CS307-P Data structure using CPP
CS308-P PC Maintenance
Course code Subject
CS401-T Software Engineering
CS402-T Fedora
CS403-T Basic of Networking
CS404-T Core Java
CS405-T Advance DBMS
CS406-T Web Fundamental
CS407-P Java in Fedora OS
Web Fundamental
CS408-P Based in Adv. DBMS and N/W
Mini Project
Course codeSubject
CS501-TSoftware Cost Estimation
CS502-TBasic of Android O.S.
CS503-T Core JAVA-II
CS504-T Basic of Computer Graphics
CS505-T Beginners Prog. with PHP
CS506-TBasic of ASP.Net
CS507-PData Mining
CS508-TAdvance Networking
CS509-P Pr. Based on Adv.Java
Pr. Based on Computer Grahphics
CS510-P Pr. Based on Android O.S.
Pr. Based on PHP/ASP.Net
Course codeSubject
CS601-TSoftware Quality & Testing
CS602-TAndroid Application Development
CS603-T Theory of Computation
CS604-T Advanced Computer Graphics
CS605-T Advanced Prog. with PHP
CS606-TProgramming Language C#
CS608-TEthics & Cyber Law
CS609-P Pr. Based on Android Development
Pr. Based on PHP/C#
CS610-P Major Project
Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees
1 Tution fees 13000.00
2 Laboratory fees 10000.00
3 Other fees
a Entrance fee/ Entry fee 50.00
b Library fee 50.00
c Gymkhana fee 50.00
d Extra curriculum / Activity fee 56.00
e College Magazine fee 50.00
f Computer Training fee 50.00
g Registration Charges 25.00
h University Development Fund 110.00
i University Sports fee 10.00
j University Ashwamedh fee 4.00
k University Medical fee 15.00
l University assistance / Welfare Fund 20.00
m University Student Insurance Fund 10.00
n Youth Festival Charges 100.00
o Student ID Charges 10.00
p Smester fee 75.00
q Session fee 100.00
r Study Tour 100.00
s Avishkar fee 4.00
Total Other Fees 885.00
Total A (1+2+3) 23885.00
4 Deposits (for First Year only)
Library Deposit 50.00
Liboratory Deposit 50.00
General Deposit 100.00
Total B - First Year Fees 24085.00
Total C - Second / Third Year Fees 23885.00

* Where ever applicable (as per UGC Rule)
Note : In addition, eligibility fees as per university rules has to be paid by the students from other university.