Do’s and Don’ts


Do’s and Don’ts for the students

Do’s for the students:

  • College uniform is compulsary in college campus.
  • Obey strictly the instructions given by the Principal from time to time.
  • Students should attend all the classes regularly.
  • The student should carry his/her identity card regularly and should produce it on demend by the authorities of the college.
  • Observe strict silence in the library.
  • Students must read the notices carefully and regularly.
  • 75% attendance compulsary.
  • Don’ts for the students:

    • Use of mobile phone in the college camous is strictly prohibited.
    • Students shouldnot park their vehicles anywhere else than the specified parking areas.
    • Smoking & use of other tobacco products in college campus is strictly prohibited.
    • Any act of misconduct by the student shall be seriously viewed and strict disciplinery action will be taken against such students.
    • Do not cause any damage to the college property. The damage caused shall be recovered from students.
    • Loitering in the college corridors is strictly prohibited.