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Draft for Appeal

After the visit of NAAC Peer on 22 and 23 March 2022, NAAC, Banglore has accredited our college with a CGPA of 2.56 at B+ Grade. College does not want to apply for reassessment. College is satisfied for Peer Team Visit, its report and does not want to appeal on Qualitative Metrics (QlM). We would like to appeal on Data Validation and Verification (DVV) process for evaluation of Quantitative Metrics (QnM). We are in opinion that there may be an error of judgment during DVV for 16 Quantitative Metrics which has seriously affected overall grade of college. We therefore requests for Re-Data Validation & Verification of 16 metrics for which our grievances are as under:-
1.1.3College has opted for option A (All of the above). But DVV has considered only two of the above. College has uploaded documents regarding participation in Academic Council/BOS of affiliating university and design and development of curriculum related documents. However due to the limitation of data uploading of 5 mb only, we could not upload the other documents related to question paper setting for UG and PG programmes and assessment work of affiliating university. Considering the availability of the factual records, college expects full 4 marks for the said metrics.View
1.2.1College runs UG and PG courses with CBCS. College has uploaded records & minutes of BOS of B.Voc meetings. But DVV has not considered a single course by saying that no valid documents were provided. College expect maximum marks to this metrics.View
1.3.2Due to constraints in uploading space, we were unable to upload syllabus of UG and PG Courses with experiential learning. We could only upload records & minutes of BOS Meetings of B.Voc. course, subject wise enrollment of students in experiential learning oriented courses. However DVV has given zero marks with the remarks of not producing relevant documents.View
1.3.3College has uploaded year-wise report of field work study tours along with detailed report, list of students and photographs. But DVV has considered only Solar Plant visit for 2018-19.View
1.4.1College has opted for option A (all of the above). Inspite of having feedbacks on syllabus from students, teachers, employers and alumni, college has uploaded feedback from students only and we express our apology for same. By considering factual documents, we humbly request to verify and consider the facts in physical verification.View
2.6.3Due to file size limitations, we were unable to upload affiliating university result sheet. There is no provision to receive certified report from affiliating university and same was notified in DVV clarifications during DVV process. We uploaded all details about number of final year passed and appeared students in university examination for past five years. But DVV has not considered and given zero marks.View
3.3.3College has uploaded list of total 47 number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published during assessment period by teachers in proceedings of national/international conference. Out of which 24 are having ISBN number. However DVV has considered only 17 entries with ISBN and given zero marks for this metric which is unjustifiable.View
4.1.4Regarding fund allocation towards infrastructure augmentation, college has uploaded consolidated fund allocation duly certified by Principal and Charted Accountant. As per demand of DVV, we have highlighted relevant items in audited income and expenditure statement. However DVV has given zero marks for this metric.View
4.2.3Regarding purchase of books and journals for last five years, college has uploaded consolidated extract of expenditure(as per audit statement) duly certified by Principal and Charted Accountant. As per demands of DVV, we have highlighted relevant items in audited income and expenditure statement. However, DVV has given zero marks for this metric. Though College is a single faculty, it has spent average of 1.53 lacs towards purchase of books and journals.View
4.2.4As per DVV remarks, college has uploaded Certified photo copy of ledger for footfalls at library. For latest completed academic year, college has annual average of 137/day footfall. In support of this college has uploaded Library visit and Accession register. But DVV has considered only 11 footfalls. View
4.3.2As per the DVV remarks, college has uploaded documents about entries in stock registers towards purchase of computers. But DVV has not considered it and has given zero marks.View
4.3.3As per the DVV remarks, College has uploaded invoice of Gazon and BSNL indicating internet connection plan subscribed by college. As the speed and band width is not mentioned by Gazon in its invoice, the same could not uploaded. View
5.1.3College has opted for ‘All of the Above’ option. College runs short term certificate course in Communication skills, Yogic Science and Python programming. Physics department runs Personality development club. Inspite of having documents of all courses, College has uploaded documents related to Communication skills and Yogic science only as a sample. Accordingly DVV has considered ‘2 of the above’ option. Hence College requests physical verification of remaining documents. View
5.2.1During the course of DVV process, college could not procure appointment letters from placed students of 2018-19.College has uploaded thanks letters from students and e mail from the companies. But DVV has not considered the same. Now college has procured appointment letters of the placed students. Hence College requests for physical verification of said documents.View
6.3.4College has uploaded 20 participation certificates of teachers who have participated in refresher, Short term courses. . But DVV has given only 1 mark. View
College expects favorable consideration for physical re-Data Verification and Validation of the above mentioned 16 quantitative metrics.
S.B.E.S. College of Science is a single faculty science college and affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. College has to follow the syllabus framed by affiliating university time to time, subsequently there is no scope for designing the syllabus for UG and PG courses. Due to the state government policies, there are no appointments for the permanent well qualified faculties and non teaching staff since the year 2009. So college has to appoint the teachers on non grant basis every year on contract basis. Some of them do not continue for the next academic year, further affecting the teaching , learning and evaluation process. Being the affiliated single faculty science college, the intake of the students and fees structures is decided by the affiliated university which impacts on overall fund raising which is spent on the infrastructure augmentation and maintenance.