Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.)

Bachelor of Science


B.Sc. is a three year undergraduate programme offers 22 optional subjects which spread over six semesters being conducted as prescribed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

After completing bachelor degree in the faculty of science a student become eligible to work in various type of industries namely Chemical, Cosmatics, Dies, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Electronics, Computer Science, Organic Farming, Pharmaceuticals etc. The instituion has established Placement Cell before 15 years to promote job opportunities for the graduated students. Apart from this after graduation the student is eligible to apply and appear for all competitive examinations at Central and State Level. students with degree may join for PG and then Ph.D. Highest Degree in the same campus with choice of subjects.

  • Scientist and/or Scientific Assistant
  • Researcher and/or Research Analyst
  • Teachers/Lecturers
  • Technical Writer/Editor
  • Chemist Analytical/Bio-medical/Lab
  • Materials Technologist
  • Production Officer
  • Quality Controller
  • Biostatistician
  • Mathematical and Satistical Analyst
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Consultant

The college offers three years instructional program me at undergraduate level under the rules and regulations of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.

The medium of instructions for all the courses is English.

  • Admission to B.Sc. I Year shall be given to such students who have passed H.S.C. examination of Maharashtra state Board of Secondary Education from Aurangabad, Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, Latur and Amravati Division with an aggregate of 40% marks in all the science subjects.
  • The prospectus alongwith the prescribed form of application for admission will be available in college office.
  • The price of procpectus is Rs. 50/- excluding admission form.
  • All the admission will be made strictly on merit basis.
  • 50% seats shall be reserved for students belonging to backword class communities. The quota foe reservation shall be as follows:-

    Scheduled Caste - 15%

    Schelduled Tribe - 7%

    NT/DNT - 11%

    Other Backword Class - 19%

    N.B. Admissions in thesecategories shall also be made on merit basis. Seats reserved from backword class communitties, if not filled by 1st July shall be converted into open category seats.
  • Students from the states other than Maharashtra seeking admission to B.Sc. class should apply for eligibility certificate through college to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. The admissions of these students shall be finalized only after the issue of the eligibility certificate by the university.

The application form for admission should be submitted alongwith original and two true copies of following certificates:-

  • Transfer certificate from school/college last attended.
  • Memorandum of marks of the last examination passed.
  • Scheduled/backword class caste certificate (If applicable)
  • Income certificate (If parents’s annual income is below Rs. 1,00,000/-).
  • Application form for obtaining eligibility certificate (For students having passed XII examination and seeking admission).

Initially, all the admissions are given on provisional basis. The admissions are liable to be cancelled if Analytical irregularly is found at any time during the year.

The prescribed fees and other charges must be paid at the time of admission only.

The fees receipt must be produced whenever demanded.

Refund of deposit will not be made unless the original receipts are produced.

Students who want too cancel their admissions, must submit an application in the prescribed proforma, available in the college office.

Original documents submitted will be returned if admission is cancelled.

Students are advised to obtain admission cancellation certificate from the office to avoid any recovery of fees.

In the case of voluntary cancellation of admission by the student, the fees paid by students shall not be refunded.

All students are informed that library, laboratory and general deposits should be withdrawn within period of six months after student leaves the college.

After the stipulated period is over, the student will in any case have no claim to ask for refund of deposit.

The unclaimed amount of deposit will be diverted to welfare activities and students shall have no claim after six months i.e. after the month of December if he/she has left the college in June.

The deposits will be returned only after 16th August.

It is necessary to produce original receipt of deposit with the application form at the time of withdrawal of the deposit.

1. Compulsary subjects - English

2. Second language - Hindi/Marathi/Additional English

3. Optional subjects - Student may select any ONE of the following combinations of optional subjects.

  • Physics+Mathematics+Chemistry
  • Physics+Mathematics+Stastics
  • Physics+Mathematics+Electronics
  • Physics+Mathematics+Computer science
  • Physics+Electronics+Computer Science
  • Stastics+Mathematics+Computer Science
  • Physics+Chemistry+Computer Science
  • Physics+Chemistry+Analytical Chemistry
  • Electronics+Mathematics+Computer Science
  • Chemistry+Botany+Zoology
  • Chemistry+Zoology+Biochemistry
  • Chemistry+Botany+Biochemistry
  • Chemistry+Botany+Environmental Science
  • Chemistry+Zoology+Environmental science
  • Chemistry+Comp.Sci. +Environmental Science
  • Chemistry+Zoology+Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemistry+Botany+Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemistry+Comp.Sci.+Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemistry+Botany+Computer Science
  • Chemistry+Zoology+Computer Science
  • Botany+Zoology+Biochemistry
  • Botany+Zoology+ Environmental Science

Environmental studies:

Course duration - 6months.

Course introduced at second year degree level.

It is compulsary to pass examination of this course up to third year. Otherwise result of third year will not be declared.

Separate home examination of 100 marks (75 marks theory and 25 marks field work).

Pattern of examination is same as that of university examination.

Students who have opted “Environmental science” as an optional subject at degree level are exempted from this course.

For course details, contact: Dr. Mrs. K.S. Khobragade, Dept. of Environmental Science.

Computer Course:

Compulsary computer course has been introduced at first year degree level.

It is compulsary to pass examination of this course upto third year. Otherwise students will not be permitted to appear for final year examination.

Separate home examination of 100 marks (50 marks theory and 50 marks practical) at college level.

Pattern of examination is same as that of university examination.

Students who have opted for “Computer science” as an optional subject at degree level and or those who have passed MS-CIT examination are exempted from this course.

For course details, contact: Shri. R.S. Parkhe, Head of Dept. of Computer Science.

Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees
1 Tution fees 800
2 Laboratory fees 300
3 I-card fees 10
4 Other fees
A Admission fees 25
B Registration fees 25
C Social gathering 50
D Magazine fees 50
E Games & sports fees 50
F College test fees 75
G Medical fees 15
H Lib. & RR fees 50
I Development fees 100
J Vidyarthee Vyaspeeth 10
K student Aid fund 10
Other fees total 460
5 University fees
A Ashwamedh fees 4
B Student welfare fees 20
C Disaster management 20
D E-Suvidha fees 50
E Avishkar fees 4
F NSS fees 10
G Indradhanusha fees 4
H Avhaan fees 4
I Abhiyaan fees 4
J University/college fees 10
K Earn & learn fees 10
L Youth festival fees 50
University fees total 190
Total A (1+2+3+4+5) 1760
6 Deposits (For First year only)
Library deposits 50
Laboratory deposits 50
General deposit 100
7 Compulsary Comp. Science.* 100
8 Compulsary Environmental Science.* 100
Total B- First year (A+6+7) 1960
Total C First year (B+7+6/B+6/7)* 2160/2060
Total Second/Thirdn year fees (A) 1760