M.Sc. in Electronics


A two year post-graduate programme spread over four semesters is being conducted as prescribed by Dr. B.A.M.University. The first three semesters consist of theory and practicals along with a project and the last semester dealt with industrial training leading to a development of finished commercial product.

All students joining the M.Sc.(Electronics) course are required to undergo training of 4 weeks in an industry or R&D organization. In addition, the M.Sc. students work for 2 months on projects in collaboration with similar organisations. The curriculum of these courses is updated regurly to keep it in consonance with the changing industrial environment. The Department actively helps the students in their placement through Campus interviews. The faculty members are actively engaged in reseatrch work.

To compete effectively in today’s global marke, professionals need to keep informed of innovative advances in technologies that fundamentally affect the Electronics industry. The Electronic department at S.B. Science College is renowned for its leadership in education. The department offers live projects to give professionals the cutting edge in Electronics. These projects offer students opportunity to develop and boaden their understanding of scientific, technological and management skills necessary to develop a successful career in Electronic.

M.Sc. in Electronics offer students national and international level opportunities. Students who passout with M.Sc. Electronics will get excellent placement on most electronics based companies. Students have good opportunities in jobs which deliver excellent packages. M.Sc. qualification is more than enough to get placement in reputed companies. You can also do some course in VLSI technology, embedded systems, etc. Wipro, Intel and Sun are setting up designing hubs in India. With an addition to these courses with M.Sc. Electronics will promise a fast track career.

  • TCS
  • BSNL
  • NTPC
  • ONGC
  • CTS
  • BHEL
  • HPCL
  • BPCL.

  • M.Tech
  • M.E.
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

  • Lecturer
  • Research and Development Laboratorial Organisations
  • I.T. Industry (India and Abroad)
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Industries

A candidate shall be admitted to the First year for the Master of Science (Electronics) in the faculty of science, provided that he/she passes Electronics as one of the optional subjects at B.Sc. level / B.E Electronics from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University or any other university recognized as equivalent thereto with minimum of 50% of marks (45% marks for reserved category).

Course code Subject
ELEC-111 Embedded Systems-I
ELEC-112 PC Based Instrumentation
ELEC-113 Industrial Power Electronics
ELEC-114 Signal Conditioning Circuits
ELEC-121 Lab Course-I: Based on ELEC-112, 113 & 114
ELEC-122 Electronic Product Development-I
Course code Subject
ELEC-211 Embedded Systems-II (PIC Microcontroller)
ELEC-212 Biomedical Instrumentation
ELEC-213 Industrial Monitoring and Control System
ELEC-214 Wireless Communication Systems and Networks
ELEC-221 Lab Course-II: Based on ELEC-212, 213 & 214
ELEC-222 Electronic Product Development-II
Course code Subject
ELEC-311 Smart Fusion Technology based on System Design
ELEC-312 Sensors and Actuators
ELEC-313 PLC Based Industrial Automation
ELEC-314 ARM Microcontroller
ELEC-321 Lab Course-I: Based on ELEC-32, 313 & 314
ELEC-322 Electronic Product Development-III
Course code Subject
ELEC-411 Project Management and Quality Standards
ELEC-412 Elective-A: VLSI Design Tools and Technology
Elective-B: Mixed Signal SoC Design
Elective-C: HMI, SCADA Basics and Databases
ELEC-421 Electronic Product Development-VI
ELEC-422 Seminar Based on Elective Paper
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Sr. No. Particulars Fees in Rupees
1 Tution fees 10000.00
2 Laboratory fees 6000.00
3 Other fees
a Entrance fee/ Entry fee 50.00
b Library fee 50.00
c Gymkhana fee 50.00
d Extra curriculum / Activity fee 56.00
e College Magazine fee 50.00
f Computer Training fee 50.00
g Registration Charges 25.00
h University Development Fund 110.00
i University Sports fee 10.00
j University Ashwamedh fee 4.00
k University Medical fee 15.00
l University assistance / Welfare Fund 20.00
m University Student Insurance Fund 10.00
n Youth Festival Charges 100.00
o Student ID Charges 10.00
p Smester fee 75.00
q Session fee 100.00
r Study Tour 100.00
s Avishkar fee 4.00
Total Other Fees 885.00
Total A (1+2+3) 16885.00
4 Deposits (for First Year only)
Library Deposit 50.00
Liboratory Deposit 50.00
General Deposit 100.00
Total B - First Year Fees (A+4) 17085.00

* Where ever applicable (as per UGC Rule)
Note : In addition, eligibility fees as per university rules has to be paid by the students from other university.